Your master needs you

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There are two important issues we will be dealing with in this text as the Holy Spirit unfolds to and guides us. Before we drive further into these two points, have you ever wondered or asked: why did heaven appoint that it will be he night season that Jesus should be caught Mark ?

Was it simply because the night time is the hour the wicked manifest the most? You see, when heaven is set to carry out a sensitive asment, it brings to view only the things and the people that really matter. I pray today, may the Father find you relevant as a major positive instrument when an agenda for the advancement of His kingdom is to be executed.

Please understand God does not create a man to function in the place of evil. Your choice and decisions, as demonstrations of your will power, are responsible for your eventual outcome. Why will it be Judas, the son of Iscariot that will promote the scheme for the betrayal of his Master? Because there are positive instruments and negative instruments for the execution of prophecies. Has the devil entered into you so much that you who were one time a close associate and friend of Jesus now go about with sinful men and women? When you see other Christians passionately serving the Lord you are busy mocking and laughing at them, either secretly or openly.

Do you not realize that you have betrayed Jesus? Peter also betrayed Jesus when he denied the Master three different times before three different people in one night. I pray for you dear friend, that the wrong you have done to the Lord will not drag you into a foolish action, rather your heart will be broken before the Lord, even unto genuine repentance in Jesus Name.

At Gethsemane, Jesus demonstrated a very powerful revelation. The intention of Jesus at this point was that: what heaven is about to bring to pass is too weighty for the disciples to partake of. So it had come to a point where Jesus had to talk to the Father in heaven based on this mighty asment on ground. But the disciples had to sit ye here because they were still too young spiritually to bear such a cross.

Their hearts were not matures enough to understand or bear this. Yet then, I see a situation where Jesus probably took a deeper thought and called on three out of the eleven — Peter, James and John. Did you notice that? To watch means to be sensitive and prayerful. These three men were to share in the burden of Jesus. The Master had consciously separated them to Him in approaching the Father in heaven together so that they can plead His cause along with.

Did you notice that it was to these three brethren that Jesus was sharing the sorrows of His soul?

Your master needs you

The weight of what heaven was about to do fell on Him physically, it enveloped His soul when He separated from the general men, the sit ye here men. It was to these tarry ye here, and watch men that Jesus was able to share his heart pain and emotional burden. Let me ask you beloved, are you in the category of believers that God can call to sit and reveal His heart to?

Can God tell you the very secret things of His heart and express His feelings to you? Only then can you claim to be a tarry ye here, and watch disciple. This has nothing to do with how long you have been in the Christian faith. It has nothing to do with how long you have been born again. Rather, it has everything to do with how deeply you have built a relationship with God to the extent that God can trust you with His very heart feelings and plans. Can God really trust you with His plans and heart?

So, this has nothing to do with being a minister on the pulpit or a church member not an ordinary church goer. Can Jesus trust you? Something else that we must identify from these three verses is the array of movements that Jesus used in forming an arrangement similar to the Old Testament order of worship. At Gethsemane, Jesus arrived with His eleven disciples. This is similar to the general place where the children of Israel camped. Out of eleven, He advanced forward with three and commanded them to pray.

This is similar to the outer court where the priests of old occupied during the time of spiritual service to God. This is similar to an entrance into the most holy place, which is accessible only by the High priest. Going by this brings a holy fear. It is some members of the church who come to tell the minister something that God revealed to them that the church should do.

Please understand, I am not saying the minister must know all thing at all times or the church members should not be in a position of telling the minister anything from God, No. Most may be not all of the revelations from your church members should be confirmations of what you have already received from God. Do you remember Mary and Martha in Luke ? Do you realize that when you are in prayer and by reason of your many complains you withhold the Holy Spirit from talking, and then you are not different from Martha? You worry too much over things that are not relevant to Jesus, rather than listen to hear what He has to say.

Do you also recall Stephen in Acts ? Stephen will not end his spiritual relationship and service with God at the serving of tables level, No. Beloved, get up from the sit ye here men and advance to the tarry ye here, and watch men. There is no point settling for the less when the best is yet to come. Spiritual companionship is a vital need in the life of every believer.

There are men that carry a great deal of spiritual responsibility more than others. We must understand that there are times when such men are under a strong mandate or asment from God. As much as possible we should make ourselves available. These tarry ye here, and watch men, after they had come to the place where God reveals His heart to men, began to sleep.

I pray for you today, may you not be found asleep when God is set to open His heart and reveal His very secrets and plans to you in Jesus Name. Men that sleep in the Holy place when they should praying.

Your master needs you

Could it be the case that they had gotten so used to this encounter with God and did not see anything special in it anymore? These men were sleeping when God was about to bring to a climax an historical event that will never occur a second time or be surpassed by another. Do you realize that these were men that Jesus trusted so much that he shared His emotional sorrows with? Thinking that the priests will come to the holy place only to start sleeping is sufficient enough to cause a heart attack on the High Priest.

Your master needs you

Have you found yourself in an event where God woke you up in the middle of your sleep to intercede for someone or something but refused to awake to pray rather pressed further with your sleep? These are proofs that you are a sleeping priest. To tarry means to stay put until you are released. Do you realize that the person God might have wanted you to intercede for could have been an armed robber who was to go on a mission that will claim his life and end him up in hell?

Probably your intercession would have given God a legal right to change His heart from such satanic inflicted scheme. It could have been anything. At our times of spiritual carelessness, do you know the grief that we cause God? We leave Him to carry His burden all alone, yet He trusted us. Maybe it was the case that if these three men — Peter, James and John were awake to pray they would have prayed the wrong prayer. Because these men did not quite understand the implication of what was a stake. After-all, Peter had been seen earlier to have rebuked Jesus, the first time He mentioned to them of His death on the precious cross of Calvary Matthew We should trust on Him to reveal to us the linkages between what is now and what will be in the future.

Your master needs you

Maybe we cannot have the full details but God out of His mercies and loving-kindness gives us the glimpse of it. We must learn to pray the right prayers. Such groanings sometimes are voiced but inexpressible in any form of language.

In this case it is a deep heart cry that might only be expressed by sharp breaths and strong occasional sounds that cannot be traced to any language or speech. This will be better understood when taught practically or if the reader has experienced it and understands that experience. At other times such groanings are voiceless. It is simply uttered in the heart not in the voice at all. Let me help you understand today that there is prayer in silence. O prayer is sweet, Hallelujah.

However, never be too prayer-full that you will not give room to hear God speak when He is set. O will you like to go to the Lord in prayer and ask for His mercy right now. To cry out to the Lord and pray for His forgiveness and sought your way back into His heart issues again. Seek His face to secure His trust once again. He is gracious and full of mercy.

Your master needs you

Tell the Father to reveal His deep things to you again and let Him make His very concern your concern also. Ask Him to help you where you are weak and make His strength perfect in your weakness. Tell Him you are available, willing and totally surrendered to His will.

Tell Him to kill you to self and make you fully alive in Christ Jesus. Tell Him to reveal Himself to you and give you the deep understanding of His ways. Tell him to help you relate with Him more than you are doing presently. Pray to Him to gran you grace to live up to His expectation and make His strength perfect in your weakness. Secure is mercy over your life in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus, I confess you as my Lord and Saviour today. I believe that you are the gift of the Father to die for my sins.

Your master needs you

Thank you for dying and rising for my justification. I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. Now I surrender my life and situation to you. Give me Your peace in Jesus Name. Thank you my Father in heaven. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Jun 23, admin Teachings.

Your master needs you Your master needs you

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