Love in stanstead

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Donate Calendar. SC. About Us About Us. Founded inthe College has a population of approximately students from around the world and a highly involved faculty and staff. In keeping with the school motto - Sanitas, Sapientia, Religio or Health, Wisdom, Integrity - Stanstead College builds its program around the pillars of academics, athletics and student life. Learn More. Get Ready to Connect Attending a private school is a major decision. As they prepare to live and study in a small, diverse community, Stanstead College students should be ready to: commit to a disciplined academic preparatory program invest in the College's values of teamwork, respect and responsibility accept and face challenges, celebrate successes, learn from mistakes, interact with others and take advantage of countless opportunities in and out of the classroom.

Stanstead College also offers a variety of educational resources, including a mandatory evening study period and a Learning Resource Centre. In addition, our University Guidance team works closely with senior students to assist them in determining and achieving their post-secondary goals. Contact Academics. Each term, students have a choice of athletic options, with practices taking place after school four weekdays out of five. Whether you are part of an elite team or pushing yourself in an individual sport, Spartans Athletics promotes skills development and physical fitness.

Although Stanstead College is a small school of approximately students, the walls of our athletic facilities proudly display the many banners our teams have earned over the years. Win or lose, our athletes live and celebrate Spartans Pride. Contact Athletics. Student Life. A Lifetime of Experience Experience everything that comes with living and interacting in a diverse, supportive community.

In addition to boarding with friends from around the world — Canada, the United States, Mexico, China, Japan, Germany, France, Russia, to name just a few — Stanstead students can express themselves creatively and socially through clubs, weekend activities, school events, as well as academic and service trips. You're Always a Spartan Keep your Stanstead College memories alive, maintain friendships and foster new ones by staying active at events and online. Stanstead hosts gatherings across Canada and around the world — not to mention Homecoming and the annual golf tournament here at home.

The Advancement Office is also the main fundraising arm of Stanstead College, encouraging alumni, parents and friends of the school to show their support for current and future students by donating to the Stanstead College Annual Fund or by considering Stanstead in their planned giving. Summer Camps. Summer memories made here Ready for a challenge? An adventure? New friends? New sights? A summer like no other? Welcome to Stanstead College Summer Camps! With three decades of experience, we offer specialized programs that always keep in mind what summer should be - fun!

Whether you us to learn a second or third! Contact Summer Camps. Be a Part of the Team Donating to Stanstead College supports the school mission to provide students with the very best education. Your donation can support programs not covered by tuition, such as travel to international service projects, campus enhancements, sports gear, all of which improve the SC experience. Your donation can also support scholarships and bursaries, ensuring that future deserving students can benefit from all that Stanstead College has to offer.

Whether you're an alumnus, a parent, a friend or simply someone interested in supporting quality education, we hope you'll be part of the team. Every donation counts. Every donation helps. Donate Now. Curriculum Detail. AP Studio Art AP students at the studio level produce a portfolio of artwork acceptable as a document for further study in an artistic field and exhibition in and out of school.

A variety of methodology in the course are employed, including studio work, introductory lectures, critiques, presentations, slides, photography, computers and media. Students are expected to successfully develop a personal visual language through meaningful and self-directed art.

Psychology This course is a survey of the various disciplines in the field of psychology. The course is taught at the first-year university level, and as such, is classified as enriched.

Love in stanstead

AP Comparative Politics This course is a traditional college level half-course introduction to the comparative study of state systems and their political components. The primary goal of the course is to increase student understanding of the history, political traditions, values and structures of comparative systems. The work involved concerns the study of political science theory and methodology, and its application to the analysis of specific countries.

Love in stanstead

This course provides students with a thorough understanding of the principles of economics and includes the study of basic microeconomic and macroeconomic theory. The microeconomics component introduces principles of economics that apply to the function of individual decision-makers, both consumers and producers, within larger economic systems. It places primary emphasis on the nature and function of product markets. It also examines factor markets and the role of government in promoting greater efficiency and equity in the economy.

The macroeconomics component introduces principles of economics that apply to the functions of economic systems as a whole.

Love in stanstead

Beyond the study of basic economic concepts such as scarcity, supply and demand, this course places emphasis on national income, fiscal and monetary policy, measures of economic performance, growth and international trade. It analyzes the natural world and the implications that link people and places, and the constantly changing face of environments and landscapes within which human life is situated.

Students learn to utilize a variety of information sources and read and discuss knowledgeably in the field of geography.

Love in stanstead

Students will be prepared to analyze and discuss a variety of geographic topics from the past to the present and future. Students will also learn to conduct research and convey their viewpoints through major written asments, oral presentations, and debates. Our Faculty Matthew Thompson.

History- Laurentian University, B. Enjoying down time with my girlfriend and our wonderful son, Gabriel. Steve Coughlin. Hanging out with my family, trying to play golf, trying to play guitar. Other jobs I've had Summer camp counselor, building custodian, street-side book vendor, NOLS operations coordinator A thing you may not know about me I've climbed all 46 High Peaks in the Adirondacks at least 4 times. Joshua Delorme. McGill University. If I had to describe my job it would be A new and exciting challenge every day! Trying to get through my PVR, watching sports, recording my podcast, friends, family, as much as I can!

Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby.

Love in stanstead

Eric Grenier. If I had to describe my job it would be…. The incredibly valuable opportunity to affect young people in a positive way through a multitude of settings and situations. Home building stuff snow forts or forts in the living room with my kids or actually repairing my house or doing some family sports or just chillin' and playing video games or reading. Forts are cool. Simard and Mr. Van Dyke. Also, my wife, an elementary school teacher who works so hard every day with kids in the elementary school across the street who come from various backgrounds, some them very difficult home situations.

My kids inspire me through their natural curiosity and love of life. Other jobs I've had. First real job: seven years of treeplanting to pay for university. Great summer job. A little nuts! Second real job: selling cedar shingles and bark mulch for a sawmill that was owned by my father-in-law. But this job teaching is the one I was meant for! I collected comic books all through university and for a time afterwards.

Specifically Sandman and Hellblazer. Loved those! Can't wait to re-read them all Most memorable moment at Stanstead College. There are many. The senior girls rugby team won in double sudden-death overtime over arch-rival BCS. The junior girls soccer team not the one that won everything; that was a fun team too, but the one that finished in third place and went on to upset at the semis and finals to win the championship. Every single Cafe Cappuccino nite. My office.

Those who have started a song in my office know exactly what I am talking about. Four or five of us cramped in there with piano and guitars and singing.

Love in stanstead

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