Looking for a fit woman

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Can you carry on exercising when your motivation slips, the weather gets worse or your schedule becomes overwhelming? Experts and Guardian readers give their best advice. But often, starting out is not the problem.

Looking for a fit woman

The official UK guidelines say adults should do strength exercises, as well as minutes of moderate activity, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity, every week. We all know we should be doing more, but how do we keep moving when our motivation slips, the weather takes a turn for the worse or life gets in the way? Try these 25 pieces of advice from experts and Guardian readers to keep you going. Segar, the author of No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitnesssays we will be more successful if we focus on immediate positive feelings such as stress reduction, increased energy and making friends.

Do it once or twice, at most a week, combined with slow jogs, swimming and fast walks — plus two or three rest days, at least for the first month. It is helpful not to try to make yourself do things you actively dislike, says Segar, who advises thinking about the types of activities — roller-skating?

Bike riding?

Looking for a fit woman

It might be different sports or simple things, like sharing activities with other people. Individual motivation — or the lack of it — is only part of the bigger picture. Money, parenting demands or even where you live can all be stumbling blocks, says Sniehotta.

Tiredness, depression, work stress or ill family members can all have an impact on physical activity. Segar suggests being realistic. How can I benefit today? How do I feel when I move? How do I feel after I move? Anything that allows you to exercise while ticking off other goals will help, says Sniehotta. Try to combine physical activity with something else.

Try to make physical activity hit as many meaningful targets as you can. When you take up running, it can be tiring just getting out of the door — where are your shoes? Your water bottle? What route are you going to take? For many people, working two jobs or with extensive caring responsibilities, this can undoubtedly be true, but is it genuinely true for you? It might be a question of priorities, says Sniehotta. There needs to be some form of aerobic exercise, too, and we would also recommend people start adding balance challenges because our balance is affected as we get older.

If you have caring responsibilities, Roberts says you can do a lot within a small area at home.

Looking for a fit woman

Doing six or eight exercises, this effect of going between the upper and lower body produces a pretty strong metabolism lift and cardiovascular workout. We are often told that housework and gardening can contribute to our weekly exercise targets, but is it that simple? The key thing is to be sensible. If you were planning on doing a high-intensity workout, you would take the pace down, but sometimes just moving can make you feel better. You might want to do the same of sessions but make them shorter, or do fewer.

Clearly, how quickly you start exercising again depends on the type of injury, and you should seek advice from your doctor. After a caesarean section, getting back to exercise will be slower, while pregnancy-related back injuries and problems with abdominal muscles all affect how soon you can get back to training, and may require physiotherapy.

Relax, take care of yourself and take care of your baby. Running two or three times a week for minutes each time has improved my fitness hugely and made it easier to fit in. I keep a large bag of Midget Gems in my car to motivate myself to get to the gym, allowing myself a handful before a workout. Sometimes I toss in some wine gums for the element of surprise. I tapped into the vast network of fitness podcasts and online communities.

On days I lacked drive, I would listen to a fitness podcast, and by the time I got home, I would be absolutely determined to make the right choices. In fact, I would be excited by it. Your brain responds very well to repetition and reinforcement, so once you have made the difficult initial change, it becomes much easier over time. I run, use our home cross-trainer and do a ski fitness programme from an app. My improved core strength has helped my running and ability to carry my disabled child when needed. Once you have got up to turn it off, you might as well keep going!

I have one simple rule which could apply to any fitness activity — I do not allow more than four days to elapse between sessions. With the exception of illness, injury or family emergencies, I have stuck to this rule for 10 years. How to stay fit forever: 25 tips to keep moving when life gets in the way. Think about the activities you liked as. Illustration: Mark Long. Emine Saner. Wed 12 Sep Reuse this content.

Looking for a fit woman

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